This page covers integrating Sendbox webhooks with WooCommerce store.


The following are required to integrate Sendbox webhooks:

  1. Current WooCommerce Version

  2. An active WooCommerce store URL

  3. A Sendbox business dashboard account.


For the integration to work, you must allow Sendbox to have webhooks on your store.

This leads us to connect your store to Sendbox. To connect your store, you will provide your store URL, and in return, Sendbox will give you an OAuth URL. When you paste this URL directly into a web browser, a popup will appear asking you to authorize permissions.

Once permissions are granted, Sendbox webhooks are automatically created on your store's WooCommerce admin dashboard.

Import Products and Orders

During the OAuth flow, your already existing products and orders will automatically be imported to the Sendbox business dashboard.

Create Product

The create product webhook will be triggered once a new product is created on your WooCommerce dashboard. This means that the product information will be automatically sent to Sendbox and will simultaneously be created on your Sendbox business dashboard as well.

Create Order

The create order webhook will be triggered once a new order request is made on your store.

This means the order information will be sent to Sendbox and the fulfillment process for that order will commence from packaging to delivery.

Order Notification

As the status of the order changes, the order webhook is once again trigged and automatically it updates the order status from pending to completed.

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