Opencart Extension

Easily integrate sendbox shipping with your opencart ecommerce site.


Sendbox opencart extension requires a current version of opencart from 3.0 upwards it uses override engine which will be installed with your extension.

Installation Process

To install, download the extension from opencart extension directory and unzip you will find an admin, catalog and system folder copy these folders and paste in your store root directory.

Settings Page

Once you have successfully installed, go to extensions on your admin dashboard, click on shipping and then select sendbox shipping.

Sendbox Settings

This part is very important so ensure you follow the instructions carefully so your extension can work. On this page, you will find a webhook url. Go to sendbox and register this url and then you will be given an app Id and a client secret on your sendbox dashboard.

Copy this app_id and client secret and paste it in their respective fields then click on save once this is done, a connect to sendbox button is displayed.

Click on this button and you will be redirected to sendbox here you will be prompted to login once this is done, you will be redirected back to your store dashboard.

Now the settings page will be fully loaded. Fill the remaining fields like state, city, set the status to enabled and sort order to 1 and finally save. now your customer can ship with sendbox.

Ship with Sendbox

Back on your admin dashboard, you will see a ship with sendbox. to ship, select a courier service and then click on the request shipment button and you will receive a message that your shipment is successful.

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