Easily Integrate Sendbox shipping extension to your magneto store.

Installation Process

Go to magneto marketplace and search for sendbox shipping module and download it, follow the instructions and install it on your site.


To set up this module, login to your admin dashboard, navigate to stores then click on carriers you will see sendbox shipping as a shipping method. toggle down, copy the web-hook URL and go paste it on Sendbox this will create your app id and client secret copy these keys and come back to your admin dashboard and paste them in their respectively fields. fill in your remaining details and then click on connect the connect to Sendbox button this will authenticate you on the Sendbox platform. This step is very important and shouldn't be missed as it is the only way to ensure your extension works properly.

Get shipping quotes

You don't need to do anything special for this to work. the extension automatically sends an API request and displays shipping quotes in the front for the customers.

Requesting Shipment

This is done solely by you. Navigate to order page, click on the order you will like to ship and scroll to ship with sendbox part on the dashboard. select a courier of your choice, and click on ship request shipment button.

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